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RIO Mortgage Broker Call Back and Video - Stress Free

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Leave the stress of finding a mortgage behind. In short, let your local mortgage broker do the hard work for you.

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Free Up Time

Don’t spend hours surfing the internet or on hold to your bank. Free up time for family and friends, use a mortgage broker.

RIO Mortgage Broker Call Back and Video - Stress Free

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Make your mortgage advice appointment at a time suited to you. Pick your own appointment date and time.

Some FAQs about call back

How do I get a call back ?

To book your mortgage broker telephone call back just choose a date, select a time and click "Book Appointment".


You'll then be presented with a form. Please enter your details as requested. You'll need to tick the consent box as, believe it or not, we need to have your permission to make an appointment, albeit you're making the appointment !


Click "Schedule Appointment". You will now see your online booking confirmation. This will detail the date, time and provide the name of your adviser.


Don't worry, your confirmation will also be sent to the email address provided and a reminder of your appointment will be sent 60 minutes before the time.

What happens during my call back ?

During your call back an adviser will ask you questions about your proposed mortgage. Your adviser will run over your requirements, provide information and generally offer as much help as you need.


If you have time, they will also search the mortgage market, work out your affordability and give you some quotes.


We can also make arrangements to prepare a mortgage decision in principle.

Is my call back limited to 20 minutes ?

No, if you feel that more time is needed, or if your circumstances are more complex, your appointment can be extended.


Our goal is to make sure you receive the level of advice you need and if that requires more time or a further appointment no problem, if it's OK with you, it's OK with us.

Can I follow up with a video meeting ?

Yes, your adviser can schedule a time for an online video meeting if you wish.


Sometimes a video meeting may be more beneficial as you will be able to see your adviser work through the different mortgage tools they have available, including affordability calculators, mortgage criteria assessment tools and live quotations can also be provided.

What happens after my call back ?

After your call back your adviser will send information to you by email. You're not expected to make any commitment. If you wish to proceed further with our advice that's up to you.


You may be asked if you want to make a further appointment using our video meeting facility.


Remember, we don't charge fees, so you might want to proceed further, but you will be under no pressure to do so.

Is there any charge for call back ?

No, we will call you on the number supplied.


We are fee free mortgage brokers so there's no money paid by you to us at any stage of your mortgage advice. We don't charge for advice or processing.

When is a mortgage broker telephone call back available ?

Call Back Appointments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That does not mean we are open, but you will have access to an adviser’s diary, and you can make your appointment booking.


Call Back is available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

So easy to use...

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To get a mortgage broker telephone call back, simply open the adviser’s diary, choose a date and time, receive your email confirmation, and an MDFS adviser will call you to discuss your mortgage.

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